Quick delivery checklist for all models

Spot problems in time with a quick version of the delivery checklist. See the full delivery checklists if you prefer to do a thorough check on your Model 3, Model S or Model X. These are incredible cars, full of cutting-edge technology, and like all cars, liable to the odd minor production issue. Remember, after you drive away, any exterior damage spotted is not Tesla’s liability.

Important: Please check with your Tesla Delivery Specialist how much time he or she will allow you to go over the car. I’ve not heard of any problems before, but just in case, it’s best to ask them if it’s okay to use this checklist.

  • My Tesla login details known
  • Delivery Configuration printed from your My Tesla account
  • Insurance documents packed
  • Documents needed for trade-in packed
  • Flashlight packed
  • Smartphone packed (for this checklist, and to take photos)
  • Charging network cards or tags packed

  • Received two key fobs or cards
  • Asked if latest firmware is installed
  • Agreed where and how to record found problems
  • If not used yet, quoted a referral code to get 1000 miles/1500 km free Supercharging. (Feel free to quote this website’s creator’s referral code: andrew65123, or click this link http://ts.la/andrew65123 to use it)

  • Seat material and color is as ordered
  • Headliner is the correct color
  • Trim is according to your order
  • Seats are free of tears, smudges, and paint stains
  • Trim panels are aligned
  • Front and rear floor mats are installed
  • Odometer shows less than 30 mi/50 km
  • Battery charge level is adequate for journey home. (Speak to Delivery Specialist if needed).

Use a strong flashlight to check relevant items if needed. Consider taking photos or videos to record any issues.

  • Paint color is correct
  • Body panels are unscratched, not dented, and have no residue remaining from protective covering
  • All body panels, doors and fenders aligned properly without significant panel gaps
  • Doors, frunk and trunk open and close fully
  • Wheels are the right size and design
  • Wheels and tire walls have no scrapes
  • Rear tail lights have no condensation

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