Pre-delivery checklist

What to buy or set up to be completely ready on delivery day

  • Established how I’ll charge at home. (Talk to an electrician if in doubt. See Tesla’s Home Charging Installation and Home Charging Calculator for suggestions). Common options:
    • US:
      • Tesla Wall Connector or 3rd party equivalent: This can charge the car at up to 80A, depending on your home’s circuit
      • 220V, 50A NEMA 14-50 outlet:  Charges the car at 40A, giving about 25 miles charge per hour.
    • Europe:
      • Tesla Wall Connector or 3rd party equivalent: This can charge the car at up to 80A, depending on your home’s circuit.
      • 5-pin IEC 60309 red commando adapter: 3 phase 230/400 VAC, charging at 16A
      • 3-pin IEC 60309 blue commando adapter: 1-phase 230 VAC, charging at 10-32A
  • Checked home’s electrical switchboard has enough physical space and electrical capacity for a new circuit
  • Bought and installed a chosen home charging solution
  • Considered wall connector accessories such a cable hook
  • Power cable is able to be laid between my home and location of wall connector
  • Considered appropriate charging adapters for my needs: 
    • CHAdeMO adapter. (For connecting to non-Tesla fast chargers).
    • Other power socket adapters I may need when doing road trips, staying at the cabin etc.
  • Found an electricity supply company that’s suitable for my charging needs (e.g. cheaper rates at night time)
  • Registered with an electric car charging network company

  • Investigated the various official accessories I can buy from Tesla (
  • Considered buying front and rear dash cams. (These can give peace of mind in case of accidents and crime, and recordings can potentially be used as evidence). 
  • Investigated the pros and cons of paint protection films and coatings. (The paint on Teslas is said to be soft and can be chipped).
  • Considered if seat covers are needed. (Useful for young children and animals)
  • Looked into luggage space protectors, such as netting
  • Considered whether rubber floor mats are necessary
  • Checked need to buy new vehicle washing materials, exterior and interior. (See the cleaning checklists on the Ownership Checklist).
  • Considered whether alloy wheel protection is for me
  • Considered customised luggage for the frunk and trunk. (These can organise your luggage nicely, and help with placement and removal of common items such as charging cables)
  • Researched different accessories available, such as:
    • Phone holder
    • Key fob holders
    • Custom storage bin products
  • Bought a tire inflation kit. (Your new Tesla may not come with one, depending on your location’s law, although Tesla do sell one).
  • Considered whether I need a spare wheel, if I’ll be driving far from rescue cover

  • Used a referral code to get 1000 miles/1500 km free Supercharging. (Feel free to quote this website’s creator’s referral code: andrew65123, or click this link to use it)
  • Checked my garage door opener compatible with Homelink, the garage door control interface Tesla uses
  • Ensured that WiFi is available where my Tesla will be parked (to get software updates more reliably)
  • Downloaded some useful mobile apps:
    • Official Tesla app
    • Charging map apps
      • PlugShare
      • Superchargers
      • Recargo
      • Blink
      • ChargePoint
      • Open Charge Map
      • Charge and Drive
      • Chargemap
      • LadeNå (Norway)
    • Route planning apps
      • A Better Routeplanner
  • Signed up for available media streaming services. (Check which are available in your country):
  • Read my Tesla model’s owner’s manual
  • Watched my Tesla model’s introductory videos
  • Considered registering with a roadside recovery company (Tesla does Roadside Assistance but it doesn’t cover running out of charge)
  • Insured my Tesla with the best value insurance company (after Tesla have sent me my chassis number/VIN)
  • If your Tesla is being shipped by sea to Europe or elsewhere, tracked the progress of your Tesla delivery using an AIS vessel tracking app or website:
  • As delivery date approaches, payment for the car is transferred to Tesla. (Details will be in the delivery confirmation email from Tesla).

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