Quick delivery checklist for all models

Spot problems in time with a quick version of the the all-important delivery checklist. See the full delivery checklists if you prefer to do a thorough check on your Model S, Model X or Model 3.

  • My Tesla login details known
  • Delivery Configuration printed from your My Tesla account (https://www.tesla.com/teslaaccount)
  • Insurance documents packed
  • Documents needed for trade-in packed
  • Flashlight packed
  • Smartphone packed (for this checklist, and to take photos)
  • Charging network cards or tags packed
  • Registered a referral code to get six months free Supercharging. (If you find this website helpful, feel free to use the referral code from Andrew, its creator: andrew65123, or use this link http://ts.la/andrew65123. He’ll thank you!)

  • Received two key fobs or cards
  • Asked if latest firmware is installed
  • Agreed where and how to record found problems

  • Seat material and color is as ordered
  • Headliner is the correct color
  • Trim is according to your order
  • Seats are free of tears, smudges, and paint stains
  • Trim panels are aligned
  • Front and rear floor mats are installed
  • Odometer shows less than 30 mi/50 km
  • Battery charge level is adequate for journey home. (Speak to Delivery Specialist if needed).

Use a strong flashlight to check relevant items if needed. Consider taking photos or videos to record any issues.

  • Paint color is correct
  • Body panels are unscratched, not dented, and have no residue remaining from protective covering
  • All body panels, doors and fenders aligned properly without significant panel gaps
  • Doors, frunk and trunk open and close fully
  • Wheels are the right size and design
  • Wheels and tire walls have no scrapes
  • Rear tail lights have no condensation

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This website is personally created and maintained by Andrew Lilley, a User Experience Designer and happy Model X owner.

My goal is to make it easy to find and use Tesla delivery checklists, and to help current and future owners at all other stages.

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