Ordering checklist

Things to consider before placing an order

  • Can I afford one? Consider:
    • Purchase cost
    • Loan interest
    • Insurance
    • Depreciation
  • Can I charge it easily at home?
  • Do I need to charge it at work? If so, would it be possible?
  • Would I be OK with the attention it might bring?
  • Would another car fit my needs better? (Probably not!) 

  • Test driven the car I intend to purchase
  • Investigated the various purchase types available:
    • New from the Tesla Design Studio
    • New from Tesla Inventory
    • Used from Tesla
    • Used from a private seller
    • Used from a private company
    • CPO (Certified Pre-Owned)
  • Researched the different battery packs available, and compared their ranges to my driving needs
  • Evaluated the pros and cons of the different seat layouts on offer:
    • Model S: 5 or 7 seats
    • Model X: 5, 6 (with or without center console), or 7 
  • Checked child seat compatibility, and the different locations they can be in
  • Confirmed my garage is wide enough (and high enough, if I’m ordering a Model X).
  • Asked myself how much storage space I need
  • Need for roof bars has been considered. (The Model X cannot use them).
  • Thought about whether a tail hook required. (Only the Model X has it).
  • Checked where is the nearest Tesla Service Center is. (You may need to visit it more than you first expect, so it shouldn’t be too inconvenient).
  • Checked the locations of Superchargers on my regular routes
  • Chosen the car’s exterior style:
    • Paint
    • Wheels size and style
    • Glass roof option (Model S only)
  • Chosen the car’s interior styles:
    • Upper and lower trim type and color
    • Carbon fiber decor option
  • Decided on my preferred equipment options and upgrades

  • History of ownership is not alarming. Consider:
    • Number of owners
    • Type of ownership (private, demo car, taxi etc.)
  • Distance driven is appropriate for price of the car. (Note that a Tesla’s range reduces slightly with distance driven, and is also affected by its charging protocol).
  • Car has been serviced regularly by Tesla
  • Bodywork doesn’t have excessive wear and damage
  • Interior doesn’t have excessive wear and damage
  • Tire wear is good
  • Adequate warranties remaining on the battery and the vehicle

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