Full Model S delivery checklist

Spot problems in time with the all-important delivery checklist. Use the Quick Delivery Checklist For All Models if you have limited time.

  • My Tesla login details known
  • Delivery Configuration printed from your My Tesla account (https://www.tesla.com/teslaaccount)
  • Any finance paperwork requested by Tesla packed
  • Insurance documents packed
  • Documents needed for trade-in packed
  • Flashlight packed
  • Smartphone and USB charging cable packed (for this checklist, to test Bluetooth connection, and to take photos)
  • 12v power connector and device (e.g. sat nav unit, to test the 12v connection) packed
  • Charging network cards or tags packed
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  • Received two key fobs
  • Understood where second set of wheels are (for summer or winter tires)
  • Been given an adequate introduction and general walk-around. The Delivery Specialist has informed me about:
    • Key fob controls
    • Driving controls
    • Charging and charge port, including the various colors on the charge port
    • Autopilot controls
    • Steering wheel controls
    • Touch screen displays
    • Secondary vehicle controls and settings
    • Driver profiles and seat setup
    • Customisation of information displays
    • Windshield wiper control
    • Heating and A/C control
  • Asked if latest firmware is installed
  • Agreed where and how to record found problems


  • Seat material and color is as ordered
  • Headliner is the correct color
  • Trim is according to your order

Displays and information

  • Display screen protector has been removed and screen is unscratched
  • Main displays is free of significant dead pixels
  • Odometer shows less than 30 mi/50 km
  • Displays show the correct vehicle color and options. (These can be update remotely).
  • Battery size is correct
  • Battery charge level is adequate for journey home. (Speak to Delivery Specialist if needed).
  • Back-up camera works


  • Turn signals work
  • All lights work. (Someone can assist you).
  • All speakers, including the subwoofer, work. (Use the fade control on the touch screen).
  • Window motors work
  • Pano roof control works
  • Seat adjustment works


  • Bluetooth pairing works fine
  • Front USB phone connection works by playing some music from the phone

Use a strong flashlight to check relevant items if needed. Consider taking photos or videos to record any issues.


Body panels and structure

  • Paint color is correct
  • Body panels are unscratched, not dented, and have no residue remaining from protective covering
  • Car underside and jack points free of scrapes and damage
  • Fenders aligned properly without significant panel gaps
  • Hood has no significant panel gaps
  • Charge port is flush with tail light



  • Wheels are the right size and design
  • Wheels and tire walls have no scrapes
  • Brake callipers are correct color
  • Valve stem covers are present


Doors and windows

  • Doors, frunk and trunk open and close fully
  • Doors, frunk and trunk align properly without significant panel gaps
  • Windows have no distortion or cracks
  • Windows automatically lower and raise slightly when opening/closing the door



  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) matches the paperwork given to you. (It’s found in the bottom right of the windshield as you look from the front).
  • Both key fobs open and close doors
  • Front license plate bracket installed (if applicable)
  • Rear tail lights have no condensation
  • License plate(s) centered
  • Charge port door opens and closes without sticking
  • Battery size badge (100D etc.) is mounted on the car


  • Seats are free of tears, smudges, and paint stains
  • Rear seats fold down easily
  • All seatbelts plug in and release easily



  • Headliner free of dirty smudges
  • Dash doesn’t have any marks
  • Glove box contains:
    • Instruction manual
    • A5 size black paper folder with a quick guide for Tesla
    • Display cleaning cloth
  • Door trim panels are aligned
  • Center console is free of marks
  • Front and rear floor mats are installed
  • Rear USB phone connection works by playing some music from the phone

  • Emergency pack (with safety triangle, first aid items etc.) in frunk
  • Charging cables are present:
    • North America:
      • Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) cable with J1772, NEMA 5-15 110V, NEMA 14-50 240V and NEMA 6-50 adapters
    • Europe:
      • Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) cable with blue commando and domestic Schuko adapters
      • Type 2 cable
    • UK:
      • Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) cable with blue commando and domestic 3-pin adapters
      • Type 2 cable
  • Windshield washer fluid is full
  • 12v socket with a device, such as a sat nav unit

  • No unusual sounds coming from the car whilst driving
  • Front and rear wipers work
  • A/C works
  • Checked the heating works
  • Winter package works (heated seats and steering wheel)
  • No excessive wind noise due to misaligned windows

  • HomeLink for garage door(s) set up successfully
  • WiFi network connection works successfully
  • Wall connector works
  • Mobile charger works
  • No tire wear on the inside shoulders of the rear tires, after about 2000 mi/3000 km.

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